• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Why is CraneMania shutting down?

    We had a blast creating fun games and watching people win prizes. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a sustainable business model for CraneMania and will be ceasing operations.

  • What will happen to my credits as CraneMania shuts down?

    As we shut down, we want to make sure you feel taken care of. Here's what we can do with your credits:

    • Up until 11:59PM EDT Wednesday, October 17 2018, you're able to use credits on our machines, and we will continue shipping prizes. After this point, the machines will be non-operational and you won't be able to play any more games.
    • Up until 11:59PM EDT Wednesday, October 24 2018, you're able to receive refunds on purchased credits per our standard refund terms.
    • . To request a refund, please contact support.
    • After 11:59PM EDT Wednesday October 31 2018, your accounts will no longer be accessible, and you won't be able to log in.
  • What is CraneMania?

    CraneMania lets you play the crane games you know and love, entirely online! You control real, physical machines to get real, physical prizes.

    The crane games are housed at our headquarters in Boston, MA.

  • What is CraneMania?

    CraneMania lets you play the crane games you know and love, entirely online! You control real, physical machines to get real, physical prizes.

    The crane games are housed at our headquarters in Boston, MA.

  • How do I win?

    CraneMania games are different from the usual claw game you see at carnivals and arcades. At CraneMania, there's a single prize resting on a platform.

    Use your skill to move the crane and tip the prize over.

    If the prize falls, you win, and we ship you the prize!

  • Are your machines rigged?

    You might have heard that typical claw machines are rigged to let go of the prize randomly. This is what happens when you watch your claw grab a toy, almost get it out -- and then drop it suddenly.

    Our machines are built differently. Our cranes use the same force on every single play, no matter how many times you've played, no matter how much you've won.

    CraneMania challenges your skill in a different way - through the positioning of the prizes on the platform. Based on how the prize sits on the platform, you need to move the crane precisely to get the prize to fall through.

    This means winning a prize depends on your skill and strategy. A good player will many more prizes than an unskilled player.

  • How much does playing cost?

    Each machine costs credits to play. Each play will cost between $1-2, based on the value of the prize and difficulty of the machine.

  • How do I get prizes I've won?

    Congratulations on winning!
    Please send us an email at help@cranemania.com with the URL of the machine you were playing, and the time that you won (approximately to 10 minutes) to help expedite our process!

    We will verify your claim and get your prize shipped out quickly!

    Shipping within the United States is completely free!

  • What is the technical definition of a win?

    Each machine may have one or more "prize parcel". A Prize Parcel might be:

    • A stuff animal placed between two rods.
    • A disc placed on a rod.
    • A box place between a set of bars
    • A stuffed animal tied to a box

    . You win if you can get any portion of the Prize Parcel to touch the ground for more than 5 seconds, generally by knocking it off our machine any way you can.

    Knocking parts of the machine that are not the Prize Parcel to the ground does not count as a win unfortunately; likewise, if the Price Parcel just touches another part of the machine, or shifts and dangles off some part of the machine, but doesn't touch the ground, it doesn't count as a win. To repeat, a win occurs if and only if some part of the Prize Parcel touches the ground.

  • There's a problem with my machine.

    We're sorry about that! Malfunctions are very rare, but they do occasionally happen, since these are physical machines and not just computer programs.

    Just contact our support team and let them know what time you noticed the issue. We'll review our recorded footage of your machine, and if it looks like it's our fault, your play credits will be refunded.

  • Are the controls suppose to be the same as claw machines in arcades in the USA?

    Our claw machines have better controls than the ones in USA arcades.

    US arcades jam a ton of prizes in a tight space, making it hard to pull up. We have one easy-to-see prize that you can win.

    US aracdes sometimes have variable grip strength, making winning impossible at times. Our machines have a constant grip strength that tests your skills and are set up to always be possible to win.

    US arcades often have low value prizes, whereas our prizes feature hard-to-get items that are high value.

    US arcades require you to pull a prize up using the claw (hard!) and make sure it drops exactly in the reward slot. We just ask you to knock the prize onto the ground to win. You can knock it to the ground in any way you want; in some of our best wins, the winner doesn't even grab onto the prize and just nudges the prize off!

    US arcades let you move the claw left, right, up, down, as many times as you want. Our machines follow Japanese rules, where you get to move the claw to the RIGHT exactly once by holding down the button, and then you get to move the claw BACK exactly once by holding down the button.

  • How can I make more progress at winning the prize?

    It is common for beginners to drop the claw without making progress for a few plays. Don't worry, this is common to the learning process and some of our biggest winners started out just like you.

    Even experienced players sometimes miss and make no progress. We encourage you to think hard before each play, get practice understanding what the controls are, and watch others play to see how to win.

  • What are some ways to win at this machine?

    First, master the controls. Time your control and the video well so that you can place the claw exactly where you want it. This usually takes a few tries.

    Second, consider more than grabbing the prize. You can nudge the prize to the left, right, front, and back.

    Consider grabbing the prize at different locations. The "center" of the prize may not be the best place to grab!

    Also consider strategies that take more than one play. For exanple, with your first play you can loosen the prize, and with your second play, you can knock it to the ground. As another example, a prize might require three "nudges" towards the edge for it to fall off.

  • Why doesn't the prize in the machine look like the prize I chose?

    The video feed of the machine shows a prize that's different from what I selected. The prize I want is in the something else, but not the machine above, why is that?

    Don't worry, you'll still get the prize you chose!

    We set up our games with different objects to provide a variety of challenges. The machine itself will not show the exact prize you chose physically, but if you win, you win the prize that you're playing for!

  • I have more questions! How do I get help?

    Click here to contact our friendly support team! We're standing by to help you.